Feelings are truthless, Mind is groundless

If the above statement is true, then I’m running around like a chicken with my head-cut-off, pursuing every whim and impulse without recognizing that these pursuits are futile. Truth has a certain ring to it and to my ear there is a distinct ring of truth to this statement. Oh the irony! Even that feeling is truthless and that thought is groundless!

The contradictions uncovered when you start dancing with absolute truth, truly keep you on your toes. It is refreshing though, to be reminded that what I perceive as permanent, real, and important – both self and phenomena – are actually more like apparitions in a dream.

Source: thelilbee.com via Stella on Pinterest

I wander around this weird world grasping at appearances as real and suffering for it. According to absolute truth there is no one grasping, nothing to be grasped, and no action of grasping. They appear separate, but they are not. They appear real, but appearances are deceiving. This then brings me back to the impetus for this whole blog, thinking thus how do react to the appearance of beauty?

Looks like “don’t cling” and “offer it” are good answers, but what about the view. All is beautiful, blissful, luminous wisdom and I am not separate from it. How does one hold this view in the world, when flowers and feces appear to be different? I repeat, appearances are deceiving. The perception of pure and impure and the feelings of like and dislike are symptoms of ignorance. I aspire to cut the root of ignorance and enjoy this beautiful universe with equanimity wisdom and the realization that I am not other than it.