This world is full of beauty. So much beauty that I could spend the rest of my life chasing after and basking in all that is beautiful. So, what is stopping me? Where would that get me?

This question dawned on me recently and it opened such a deep well of wonder that I decided to open my contemplation to the public. As a student of Buddhism, the teachings certainly inform my contemplation but according to Buddha’s advice I need to investigate for myself if the teachings are true. I offer this blog to all beings, that we may together discover the truth in Buddha’s teachings and find the swiftest path to the realization of our nature.

On the way, why not take in the sights? As a Buddhist, how do I best enjoy all the beauty that crosses my path everyday?

I will use this blog to share beauty and reflect beauty and contemplate beauty. May my love for all beings expand in all directions just like the beauty that permeates this world.