All That Is Created Will Be Destroyed

While on this earth what do smart and powerful humans do? Build buildings….and on the way destroy wilderness. Are they aware when they construct gorgeous academic cathedrals like this one at Harvard that like their body, this too shall pass away?

I am shopping for grad schools right now and Harvard has just arrived at the top of the list. Not because of the beauty, though this image is pretty compelling, but because of the reputation. What a funny thing. There are amazing professors and courses there, and I do adore Cambridge, but really I like to imagine saying that I got a Ph.D. from Harvard in Tibetan and Himalayan studies. Sigh. I’m glad everything is impermanent because my ignorance and worldly goals won’t last forever. Just as beauty can go from an object of clinging to an object to offer, worldly goals can become transcendent. Just add Bodhicitta. For the true happiness of all beings I will become Buddha in this very life, therefore I will study Tibetan Buddhism, language, and literature at Harvard. Emaho!

I used to hate cities but I have changed my mind (shocking! minds change?). They really are amazing. Though I stand by my previous assertion that when human beings are divorced from nature they devolve slightly. This is demonstrated in the way that people treat one another in cities, whereas in rural areas you find more of a community atmosphere. Of course, I am somewhat of an idealist to perhaps my perception is distorted. It is strange though that at this juncture I am contemplating moving to THE big citiesĀ  – New York and Boston – to study a tradition that was largely cultivated in solitary Himalayan retreats. Ironic maybe?